Wine Teeth

Wine Teeth is the brainchild of Justin Theodore Young, a singer-songwriter from the South who combines roots, rockabilly and honkytonk rhythms with an indie folk storytelling sensibility. His unique vocal style and literate lyrics have built him a following in cities throughout the U.S., from Central Florida to Portland, Oregon. Justin has fronted many popular touring indie bands whilst playing his own original music as a solo artist. From the experimental post hardcore band Wickersham to the alt-country tunes of The Cheated Hearts, and the rockabilly band T-Bucket Terrors, his songs have always built a loyal following amongst friends and fans alike.

Together with Brooklyn-based violinist Andrew Williams, Wine Teeth combine old-timey country, folk, rockabilly, and indie rock that is almost like Buddy Holly meets Elliott Smith, with a twist of the Band.

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"Wine Teeth are a roots rock band [who] are certainly big Elliott Smith fans, providing a bit of edge to their set." - CoMo Collective

"The party [Wine Teeth] promised to deliver was in full swing. . . Buddy Holly-esque, with a boisterous stage presence." - Vox Magazine


October 7, 2012 11:13 pm

Wine Teeth plays Camden Int’l Film Festival in 2012

April 9, 2012 8:16 pm

Two Upcoming Gigs at Brooklyn’s Branded Saloon

Howdy, folks. We are writing like this because we are gosh darn excited about our upcoming gig at Branded Saloon, which New York Magazine describes as “This cowboy-style saloon [that] boasts a player piano, steer skulls, and old-fashioned swinging doors — not to mention house-made charcuterie.” (Okay, we are terrible at pretending to be in TRUE GRIT). 

Wine Teeth encourages everyone to come out as we play Branded’s back room twice in the month of May:

First, during brunch on Sunday, May 6th at 1 pm. Nurse your Cinqo de Mayo hangover with a Bloody Mary from the Make-Your-Own Bloody Mary Bar, enjoy some food from acclaimed and soon to be famous chef Michelle Ragussis (a finalist on this season of Food Network Star), and watch us play some new and classic originals, with a few covers sprinkled in.

Then, we will rock out in a more boisterous way on Saturday, May 19th at 8 pm. This will be a raucous show where we will really go to town and knock your socks off. We promise; we’ve been working hard. 

So come out, drink, pretend you’re a cowboy, and listen to great live music! Both shows are free. Branded Saloon is at 603 Vanderbilt Avenue, on the corner of Bergen Street.

April 8, 2012 8:19 pm

Great photos taken by Revolution Summer Photography at Camden Int’l Film Festival

October 3, 2011 2:19 am

Camden International Film Festival

This weekend Wine Teeth traveled from the streets of Brooklyn up to Camden, Maine for the Camden International Film Festival!

The film festival was a blast! Saw some great films and played our music for theaters packed full of movie goers. Can’t wait to go again next year!

If you saw us at the festival be sure and Like us on Facebook! If you are interested in working with us or hiring us to play a gig feel free to shoot us an email at:

I just want to say THANK YOU! to all of the film festival staff! You guys rock! Thank you for letting us do our thing!

On a side note: The trip back was rather eventfull, our car broke down in the middle of Massachusetts! We had to take the Chinatown bus back to the city and didn’t get in until after 2am! UGH!

July 16, 2011 5:17 pm 4:52 pm
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  • Good to Go
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A bottle of Jameson uh ohoh Good to Go!

April 23, 2011 4:45 pm
Wine Teeth


Justin Theodore Young is a friend of my boyfriend. Yesterday he let me listen to Justin’s EP “The Ballad of Otis and Jolene” and it was simply amazing! His story-telling lyrics accompany beautiful indie folk acoustics. Go, have a listen! Buy the EP for only $7!

March 10, 2011 4:26 pm

True/False Recap: True - There are no CDs left/False - The Midwest is boring

A couple of days into resuming “normal” life in sunny Florida after a scintilliating, action-packed, vocal chord-straining 3 days in Columbia, Missouri means we’ve had time to unwind and take stock of the incredible 2011 True/False Film Festival

 (Photo by Joshua A. Bickel for the Columbia Tribune)

Wine Teeth had been selected by music director Kim(bot) Sherman and journalist Jessica Holdman in an article called “Must-hear musicians set mood for True/False Film Fest." In the article, Wine Teeth is shouted out as "an acoustic-indie folk performer from Portland, Ore., (note: technically not true right now, but he did live there for quite awhile) joins True/False for the first time this year. Describing the band as Buddy Holly-esque, Sherman says he has a boisterous stage presence.”

After arriving very late Friday night/Saturday morning and embarking on a rushed and rainy two-hour ride from the St. Louis airport, we met up with lots of filmmakers and fellow buskers. The next day, Saturday the 5th, was a relaxing morning of movie screenings - (Let’s just fully disclose; when I write “we” that means myself (Danielle DiGiacomo) writing on behalf of Wine Teeth, aka Justin Theodore Young, who happens to be my fiancee. I was a “Ringleader” at the Fest, so while I was running around introducing, watching, and Q-and-A-ing films, Justin Wine Teeth was running around playing music before films, at parties, and at the Saturday night music showcase.

His first gig was at the chi-chi Filmmaker Fete, which is MY personal favorite party of the fest, due to the excellent food from the Sycamore Restaurant! While the acoustics were not idea — an art gallery housing dozens of schmoozing filmmakers — we/he still managed to get photographer and shouted out by the Columbia Tribune. (see photo above).

That night, Wine Teeth took to the stage at local hangout Cafe Berlin for the Saturday music showcase. Though the crowd was lean at first, throughout the set, more and more enthusiastic musiclovers showed up, and by the time he left the stage, it was packed. In his VOX MAGAZINE article about the Saturday night music showcase, Ted Hart noted that "Wine Teeth, singer-songwriter Justin Theodore Young’s rockabilly one-man act, took the stage 20 minutes after the show was slated to begin. There were fewer than 20 people in the Berlin Theatre when he took the stage. Before the show, Young had asked True/False volunteers whether he should make his set more folk-indie or more rockabilly. One volunteer responded, “Rockabilly. These people are here to party.” By the time Young’s set had finished, the party he had promised to deliver was in full swing.”

Sunday brought three more pre-film busking opportunities, starting with the rather challenging task of belting out tunes at 9:30 am! That said, all three shows bought CD sales, amazing feedback, and lots of new fans! 

Another post will come shortly featuring OUR favorite music and films at the fest. Till then, follow WINE TEETH ON FACEBOOK and if you want, buy a CD

February 27, 2011 1:56 pm 1:47 pm

Wine Teeth to Play True/False Film Festival this weekend

Wine Teeth, aka Justin Theodore Young, will be playing the lovely cinemas, coffeehouses, and streetcorners of the most punk rock film festival there is - True/False in Columbia, Missouri.

As their website says, “Maybe we should call it the T/F Busking (and Film) Festival. These musicians are T/F’s secret weapon to ensure that our festival is the most festive around. They play at parties, lead the March March on Mar. 4 down Broadway, and busk before the films in all of our venues. Tip your hat, give them a high five, and maybe slip them a five if you like them a lot because lord knows we don’t pay them enough.” 

Check him out with his trusty geetar at the following showtimes:

Saturday, March 4th -

3:30 pm at the Filmmaker Fete

7:30 pm at the Saturday Night Showcase, Cafe Berlin

Sunday March 5th -

10 am, Before FOREIGN PARTS, The Chapel

12: 30 pm, Before LA BOCCA DEL LUPO, The Chapel

3:00 pm, Before FAKE IT SO REAL, The Big Ragtag

5:00 pm, Before MOVING WINDMILLS, The Little Ragtag